Torkil Malvik Bidtnes

2D Animator and illustrator

Storyboard Test

 I wanted to make a short little storyboard with some kids doing stuff so I could play around with expressions and  dialogue. The characters are kind of unique to each other in a way. Dan is smart and lazy, Olen is the 'voice of reason',  and Tim is the kind of guy who wants to do whatever he likes.

For the storyboard to make sense read this:

Plot in short, Tim is going to be sent to special classes if he doesn't do a school group project.  He convinces his friends to "help" him finish his school project. 


School project | Go-man!

This was a storyboard that I did for myself at "Kristiania University College"

For the task we had to come up with a story based on the word "object", so I sketched up some drafts of the main character. The story is based around a toy that comes to life in a Toy Factory and almost gets destroyed! 

If you want to view the final product, you can watch it here! the final product didn't include some of the final version of the storyboard do to the deadline. 

The picture to the right is the mock-up before I made the storyboard when I was trying to come up with an idea.